Video Made by the Empowering Education for Girls (Emp E.G.s) Group from Forest Hills School District

The Emp E.G.s have been active in supporting Casa de Paz with a number of fundraising campaigns and making quilts for the shelter!

Their most recent endeavor was this video project, which they submitted to NextVista Learning in the category of Service Learning. They were finalists and have been recognized for their outstanding work and support of Casa de Paz!

Check out their video: 

Community Partnership Project

Casa de Paz has started reaching out to possible community partners!

Our hope is to form partnerships with local parishes, schools, non-profits,  and others in order to gather the community support we need to grow our volunteer pool and allow Casa de Paz to become a long-term reality in the Cincinnati area. We are in need not only of donations--both monetary and in-kind--and volunteers of all types, but also of ways to reach women and families in need of our organization and services.

If you or your parish, school, or agency would be interested in hearing more about Casa de Paz and how you can help, please email us at We would love to come visit and introduce Casa de Paz, or speak to a small group or committee at your request.

New Transitional Director Appointed

Casa de Paz would like to introduce our new transitional director for the Fall, Ashley Theuring.

Ashley has been brought on to help Casa de Paz become a long-term reality in the Cincinnati community by building our volunteer base, establishing donations and grant funding, and helping us to move towards opening our first women's shelter.

Along side her appointment as transitional director, Ashley Theuring is currently working on her thesis as a doctoral fellow in the Practical Theology program at the Boston University School of Theology.  She attended the University of Dayton were she received her BA in Religious Studies and Psychology and immediately went into her master’s program at Xavier University in Theology. She worked a number of years at a rape, crisis, and abuse center, Women Helping Women of Hamilton County, as an advocate and educator. Her doctoral research focuses on building communities of healing in response to trauma. 

Winter News Letter

News from House of Peace, Winter 2015

(For a PDF version of our news letter please email us at

The House of Peace was pleased to welcome 150 guests to its first annual
brunch fundraiser on December 21, 2014. A magnificent meal was prepared
by Alfio Gulisano and staff of Alfio’s Buon Cibo on Erie Avenue in Hyde
Park. After a warm welcome by Gillian Ahlgren, guests heard a presentation
on the House of Peace vision and the problem of domestic violence in the
Latino community by Deifilia Diaz. Great music and dance by the group
Que Lindo es Panamá and Mexican dancers from San Carlos Borromeo made
this a fun event for all. A silent auction and donations from guests helped us to
exceed our $5000 fundraising goal. In all, $6000 was raised. As importantly,
the brunch was a great way to begin gathering a circle of support for the Casa
de Paz community.
Special thanks to all of the volunteers who made this event possible, including
organizing committee members Gillian Ahlgren, Monica Arenas, Maria
Cabrera, Jenniffer Marschner, Laura Moese, Margaret Singer, and special
helpers Ellen Owens, Rose Arnell and students and parents from the Nagel
Middle School Empowering Education for Girls club.

House of Peace/Casa de Paz (Cincinnati) is a family center
specifically designed for Latina women and their children
who have survived domestic violence. It is a sister project
of the House of Peace located in Waukegan, IL, from
whom we take our vision and structure.
House of Peace is not simply a shelter; it is a community
for intentional living that supports the transformative
journey of recovery for Latina women and their children.
Families stay at the House of Peace for 6-9 months,
receiving counseling, healing services, spiritual support,
job training, classes in financial literacy, and other services
that help them move toward greater wholeness,
independence, and empowerment within the community.
The spirit of the house offers women the opportunity to
experience their own resilience, knowing that they are not
alone in their struggle toward a life of dignity and joy.

The Cincinnati House of Peace Mission is to:
1. Support and accompany Latina women and their
families in the Greater Cincinnati area who have
survived domestic violence or emotional abuse
2. Extend a safe space to them, connecting,
guiding and supporting them unconditionally,
without judgment and with inclusion and
confidentiality, in order to facilitate their
3. Provide programs of support, education and
growth—psychological-emotional, vocational
and spiritual—taking advantage of the
professional services of its network of
4. Educate and inform the community on healthy