Since 2013, House of Peace works in the community to leverage support for Latina survivors trauma and abuse in the Cincinnati area


The founding of Casa de Paz Cincinnati would not have been possible without the inspiration and accompaniment of  our sister community, House of Peace Chicago. While remaining separate agencies, House of Peace Chicago acts a model for the type of intentional living community and transitional program Casa de Paz Cincinnati has and will continue to become. House of Peace Chicago has also been willing and helpful throughout Casa de Paz Cincinnati's founding process, sharing their experiences, training/operating materials,  wisdom and guidance.  

For more information on House of Peace Chicago please visit their website at:

Our Mission

Casa de Paz/House of Peace ministers to and with Latina migrant women and children who have experienced trauma and violence, especially violence that displaces them from their homes.  It provides a culturally sensitive, caring community and temporary home where healing and growth can take place.  This mission is carried out through supportive relationships and a competent staff who have an understanding of multi-cultural issues as well as gender-based violence, and who respect the unique emotional, developmental, and spiritual nature of each person. At Casa de Paz, we promote the dignity and self-worth of all of our residents, striving to accompany them through a process of stabilization, growth and flourishing.

The core experiences of psychological trauma are disempowerment and disconnection from others. Recovery, therefore is based upon the empowerment of the survivor and the creation of new connections.
— Judith Herman, Trauma and Recovery

How would you put your life back together as a mother fleeing violence in a new country, especially if the violence continued in your new home?  Casa de Paz (House of Peace) Cincinnati aims to be the safe, transitional space of stability and transformation for eight immigrant women and their children in a respectful, culturally-sensitive community of intentionality that connects them to professional services and supports their growth along a continuum of self-sufficiency matrixes.  In our first five years, we will establish a weekly support group for women recovering from trauma and violence and found a residential community where staff, interns and residents mutually commit to a six-month program of transformation. Casa de Paz provides a model for intentional living that supports recovery and growth after traumatizing circumstances.  Can you help us to realize this goal?

What We do:

  • Weekly support group 
  • Educate the community on domestic violence
  • Empower women with resources and knowledge

WHAT WE Hope to DO:

  • Open a women's shelter for Latina survivors of violence and their children
  • Help Latina survivors of violence transition into healthy lives post-trauma